Vim syntax coloring on CentOS

CentOS by default comes without syntax coloring for Vim. You have to install vim-enhanced with this command:

 yum install vim-enhanced

Then, if you’re lazy, open your ~/.bashrc and at the bottom add:

alias vi=vim

Restart your shell!


I18n on Mac’s

I write in Serbian more than I do in English. I type my Serbian in both Latin and Cyrillic. It’s really frustrating to type “Ćevapčići” and get this in the terminal:


Yes. Mac’s terminal application doesn’t support proper UTF-8. After 2 hours of digging, I found a cure.

A word of warning before you start. You’ll have to download a 900MB development tool. Make sure you have a high-speed Internet.

Here’s the fix:

That got me going with UTF-8 in shell, but in Vi and nano I was still getting two bytecodes instead of international characters.

To fix it click on the “Window settings” from Terminal’s menu and then turn off “Escape non-ASCII characters”. Save as default and enjoy!


Select All – useful Firefox extension

I’m picky when it comes to Firefox extensions. I only have a couple of them installed. One of them is Check all by Emil Hesslow. I’ll quote him here:

This is a very simple extension that only do one thing but it do it very well. The way this extension works is like this: You select one or several checkboxes and right click. You will then get the option to “Check all selected checkboxes” or “Uncheck all selected checkboxes”. Perfect for sites that don’t have a “check all” option.

Great job, Emil! Especially if you use webmail or if you moderate a lot of forums.